The CEREC system is a high-end dental tool that we use to make customized restorations in just one visit to our office. In the past, this process typically took weeks and required multiple dental appointments. CEREC technology has sped up the process exponentially and allows us to produce your restorations the same day. The CEREC system can create things like:

This process starts with our dentists taking digital images of your mouth. The CEREC system then uses these images to create a 3D model of your mouth. This allows us to visualize the exact area that needs to be fixed. After that, we will create the restoration and have it matched to the color of your natural teeth. While you wait for this to process, our dentists and team will prep you for the restoration placement. Once your restoration is finished, our dentists will place it and complete the procedure. Our dentists and team will give you detailed post-op instructions and how to take care of your new restoration.

For more information about the CEREC system, please call our office or stop by anytime. We would love to get you scheduled for a consultation.